@JennyJustice 555: How “Tik Tok” is Becoming a Platform for Education & Creative Collaboration

On March 17, 2020 I became aware of a real possibility that my high school students and I (their Law/ Government teacher) were going to get an early Spring Break. The Corona Virus had just come to the US for me in the form of a teacher friend returning from China the week before. He had been teaching there and had no plans to return. His temperature was taken 5 times in every airport between China and DC. Something was up…

School was given “emergency closure.” As I prepared to leave my students on Friday March 20, I wanted to make sure I had multiple contact points to continue the learning process- online or whatever. A lot of my students were into Tik Tok. So I thought I would start one. I could do lawyering and make videos for lessons, maybe?  My student assistant helped me set up a TikTok account and coached me in making up my name— she said my audience would be “young”. So we named her, “Jenny Justice555” (JennyJustice was taken) and I learned how to edit a basic TikTok video I already had on my phone of my dog, Chiquita. I added words and a song to a video of my mini beagle sitting on the couch and wagging her tail, it was adorable.

First TikTok here!

My content has been on pretty diverse topics ranging from Teacher Rights to Criminal Justice & Law to Student Rights & Mental Health. Of course, my dogs appear as legal assistants whenever possible!

Over the past 6 weeks my TikTok experience was really positive and kind of transformational. I am developing a sense of my video style, found a few folks I followed on Instagram who were giving TikTok tips.  The best part is that other TikTok Lawyers found me.  This group support,  camaraderie and general advice has been really profound and special for me. There is a community of Lawyers and Doctors influencing on TkTok. This is a huge platform for good (and bad) information to spread. But also a tool to connect and build professionally. That surprised me.

It has been my adult friends who really motivated me to keep making videos every day. My friends and social media community were REALLY supportive.

EDUCATION FOR AUTONOMY PODCAST COMING SOON!!!! As I have moved forward consistently making videos and gaining a few followers each day I realized it was time to get the mic and starting interviewing the INCREDIBLE members of the “Education for Autonomy” collective.  So….please look out for the Education for Autonomy Podcast release in mid-May.  And PLEASE follow your girl @jennyjustice555 on TikTok. Or at least, make your kids follow me and watch the videos from their account.


Jenn 5/3/20





2 thoughts on “@JennyJustice 555: How “Tik Tok” is Becoming a Platform for Education & Creative Collaboration

  1. I love your TikTok. I have a question regarding co-parenting during COVID: I work for a school district in Illinois. My children’s father works as an essential worker. His place of employment was recently shut down so to a COVID outbreak. I learned about the shut down via news broadcast. He never mentioned this as he continued to pickup the children on the weekend. I learned that some employees with his title were required to quarantine/ isolate. I asked him about what is going on but he will only say that he is fine. Is he required to reveal this information to me as a co parent? I called his job and is not able to get answers.


    1. Hi! I am so glad you like my Tik Tok videos. I am NOT an expert in family law and this is NOT legal advice, just my OPINION. However, if you have 50/50 or shared LEGAL custody of your child, then he is probably required to inform you of this upon you asking. Since it goes to a potential medical issue. I hope this was helpful and I see this was a month ago— hopefully the situation has resolved itself! Best, Jenn


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